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ул. Адмирала Фокина, 8, Владивосток, Приморский край, Россия, 690091
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ул. Адмирала Фокина, 8, Владивосток, Приморский край, Россия, 690091

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The Churchill Tobacco was first opened on April 5, 2005 in Vladivostok. Today it is the only speciality tobacco store in the Far East of Russia that meets customers’ most exacting demands.

The store is conveniently located in Fokina Street (also known as the Arbat), one of the most well-known spots of the city. The store also has a branch in the Pervorechenskiy Department Store.

At the very beginning Churchill Tobacco was conceived as a select showroom representing top world brands in the tobacco industry. Now, after a while since we opened the store, we are confident that we did no mistake in making a reality of the vision of the store. Churchill Tobacco strives to get the utmost outreach to our customers by bridging the information gap on our goods. This way we are trying to shape the demand and also to supply a wide range of goods at an unbending price/quality ratio.

Given the special nature of consuming tobacco and following our customers’ wishes, we are opening a smoking parlour on the second level of our store early next year. There, casting cares and business aside, one will be able to smoke a cigar or a tobacco pipe, drink coffee, talk to friends and soul mates.

Having studied the experience of similar stores in Europe, Moscow, and Saint-Petersburg, we can assert that consuming tobacco in appropriate conditions has no relation to, for example, fashion. Conversely, smoking a pipe or a cigar can emphasize a person’s individuality and indicate their self-sufficiency, reliability, and fidelity. This is the feature the store’s name Churchill Tobacco aims to reflect.

The store’s interior is designed in a classical style accentuating the air of calm and regularity reigning in the store. Here any customer can expect qualified and, very importantly, unobtrusive service, assistance and advice of competent sales personnel. Individual approach, readiness to meet any client half-way, offering alternatives while choosing the goods are the store’s basic principles.

Churchill Tobacco offers a wide choice of exclusively high quality goods. We offer not only tobacco, but also smoking accessories. As we buy directly from Russian representatives of the world’s largest tobacco producers, not only do we quickly respond to the constantly changing demand, but we also introduce certain aesthetics to utilitarian consumption of tobacco.

At Churchill Tobacco we are always truly delighted to see those wishing to embark on the manifold and engrossing journey to the world of tobacco among our customers.

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