Visual Composer includes set of eye catching buttons with multiple styling options.

Classic Buttons

Visual Composer includes set of classic buttons backed up by well known pixel icons to drag additional attention.

Modern Buttons

Visual Composer offers modern buttons with wide range of color options to choose from. Modern button aligns perfectly into any layout and style and as all other buttons it comes in different shapes as well.

Flat Buttons

Flat style buttons is a trendy buttons that helps to keep your WordPress site aesthetic yet making necessary ascent on important parts.

Outline Buttons

Outline buttons offer a well crafted trendy buttons with outline and beautiful hover effect. Moreover, outline buttons can be well combined with flat buttons to serve as a secondary button, especially in e-commerce solutions.

3D Buttons

3D style buttons with fancy animation will add simple yet good looking effect to your WordPress site.

Block Buttons

Block buttons allows display of full column width buttons which are perfect for making additional attention to this button. Such type of buttons are well used in e-commerce solutions.

Custom Buttons

Apart from regular predefined colors of Visual Composer you can create your custom color button any time to align it with your overall site perfectly. In addition you can control not only button color itself, but also text color as well.

Custom Outline Buttons

In addition to standard Custom Buttons it is also possible to use Outline Custom Buttons where you can control standard color, hover color and text color on hover.

Want Some More?

Why don’t you test it yourself? You are only one click away from your personal demo which allow you to access of the elements and see how easy it is to work with Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress.

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